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pdf 214 KB Place-Based Randomized Trials to Test the Effects on Instructional Practices of a Mathematics/Science Professional Development Programs for Teachers Describes the performance of a place-based randomized trial study of a professional development program for teachers, designed for and implemented in fifty middle-school math and science programs in five large urban districts.
pdf 840 KB Defining, Developing, and Using Curriculum Indicators Illustrates a comprehensive progress of research towards defining, developing and using curriculum indicators, primarily in math and science in order to develop valid and efficient measures of instructional content and its relationships to assessment and standards.
pdf 278 KB Curriculum Assessment The paper focuses on the process of measuring the academic content of the intended, enacted and assessed curricula and demonstrates the similarities and differences among them.
pdf 105 KB Overview of Data on Enacted Curriculum Professional Development and Technical Assistance Model: Winston Salem Public Schools Sept 17, 2002 This workshop tool provides an overview of how to engage in a data-driven dialogue by systematically thinking about data.
pdf 1.28 MB MSP Project Brochure (2003) CCSSO brochure on Math and Science Partnership
pdf 1.62 MB Using Surveys of Enacted Curriculum to Advance Evaluation of Instruction in Relation to Standards This article describes results from initial studies using the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum and outlines how the survey data and reporting system provide powerful tools to assist educators and evaluators of education in the ongoing effort to improve student performance
doc 304 KB Are We Asking the Right Questions on National Surveys about Teacher's Professional Development? Insights from Cognitive Interviews with Teachers (Working Draft) This paper presents findings of the comparison between the cognitive interviews with teachers that focused on survey questions about professional development and the professional development questions on a set of national surveys, in order to identify areas for the improvement and refinement of survey questions on professional development, and to provide insights for the proper interpretation of current survey.
doc 368 KB Options for Survey Planning, Orientation, Scheduling: How to Increase Response Rates? - Alignment Content Analysis Workshop (September, 2005), facilitated by Diana Nunnaley It is a tool to understand the issues involved in the survey collection, implementation, analysis and content of professional development programs
doc 107 KB Analyzing instructional content and practices The paper describes what SEC is and its utility in improving the Science instruction
ppt 365 KB Measuring Differences in the Quality of Professional Development This presentation provides an overview of the professional development model.
ppt 217 KB Are we asking the right questions about professional development on national surveys? Insights from cognitive interviews This presentation provides an overview of the appropriate mode of eliciting responses of professional development indicators.
url Does professional development change teaching practice? Results from a three-year study This report, the third in a series of reports from the multi-year Eisenhower evaluation, drawing on longitudinal data from a sample of approximately 300 teachers, focuses on the impact of the types of professional development activities supported by the Eisenhower Professional Development Program on improving classroom teaching practice.
url Dimensions for Comparison Brief overview of the models available to compare alignment of instruction, assessments and standards.
pdf 61.42 KB From the bottom up Describes the experiences of Milton-Freewater town with the SEC data.
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